Coleman's Hatch HS
Coleman's Hatch HS



Autumn Flower Show 2019




Entries to the classes were open to adults only but children were able to take part in our Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin competition.

 Winners 2019



Forest Green Cup:                 Mr. Richard King


Old Well Cottage Cup:       Mrs. Eve James


Forge Cottage Cup:             Mrs. Julie Anthony


Barbara Waghorn Bowl:    Mr. Rob James


George Allard Trophy:         Mrs. Christine Jackson


 Coleman’s Hatch Top Tray:        Mr. Richard King


Coleman’s Hatch Top Vase:        Mrs. Eve James



Guess the weight of the Pumpkin Competition was won jointly by  Jane Hopkins and Paul Mitchell.  

Both correctly guessed the weight of 28lbs. 

Each received A bottle of wine.


The children’s prize of a jar of sweets was awarded to 

Lola Richardson-Shrieves


Best Exhibit in VEGETABLE CLASSES      Graham Scott

Best Exhibit in FLOWER CLASSES            Glen Mackie

Best Exhibit in COOKERY CLASSES          Julie Anthony

Best Exhibit in FLORAL ART CLASSES     Christine Jackson

Best Exhibit in THE WHOLE SHOW         Julie Anthony