Coleman's Hatch HS
Coleman's Hatch HS


History of Coleman's Hatch

Horticultural Society


The following is a transcript of the first page of the hand written Minute Book 1945 held in the archives.

General Meeting 29th August 1945 

At the general meeting held on the 29th August 1945 at The Hatch Inn, Coleman's Hatch, the following committee was elected:- 

Chairman:          Mr. Shirley 

Ladies:              Mrs Shirley, Mrs Goldstraw, Mrs Cowhurst,

                         Mrs Mitchell. 

Gentlemen:       Mr Crowhurst, Mr Elliott, Mr Goldstraw,

                         Mr Gardiner. 

Joint Treasurers:

                         Mr Shirley and Mrs Gupwell 
Secretary:        Mrs Hale 

The meeting was held to wind up the V. J. Fete. 
The balance in hand of £11 11s 0d was handed to the treasurer and it was proposed and passed that the fete should become an annual event. It was decided to hold a meeting at a later date to decide on the means of obtaining money for future use.