About Us

Coleman's Hatch is a small village in East Susssex nestling deep in the Ashdown Forest (Pooh Bear Country) and our only claim to fame is the Annual flower show. 

 A small event to most, but in the village it is a time to get together to show  flowers and produce from our own private gardens.


The show started during the war years, when a few gardeners would get  together annually to show those in the village what they had achieved.


Today, the show has grown and the decendants of those gardeners and their families and friends still come year after year to keep the tradition going.


A real community event now takes place every July, still gardeners come to show their flowers and produce and now with even more classes for all, including baking, jams and preserves, photography, flower arranging, crafts and a whole children's section for all ages. There is a dog show, children's entertainer, fun races, tug of war and side shows.

Chairman Kit Eustace


Kit works tirelessly for the show, regularly  making contact with local businesses, who kindly support the show with their advertisements in our schedule and valuable prizes for our grand raffle. He also acts as our master of ceremony on Show Day where his supervision of the Tug of War teams is legendary.

The Committee

    Deputy Chair          Anne Kisbee

A long serving member of the team as were her mother and father before. Anne keeps the team together and takes control at the Autumn Show.

      Treasurer           Margaret Allday

Margret's mother, Mary Hale was secretary  and a  founder member until her retirement in 1984. Margaret followed as treasurer and remains so today

     Secretary             Eve James

Secretary for the last 12 years, it is Eve's job to  carry out the admin work and she also produces the schedule and website for the show.

   Show Secretary       Beverley Jones

Bev takes control in the summer and autumn shows, organising and categorising the entries, also arranging the judging and prize giving




Adam Baker, Barrie Dickens, Bonnie Lamont, Emma Richardson, Janette Everest, Laura Backhouse, and Lorna Duggleb




Chairman: Kit Eustace: 07702 405844

Secretary: Eve James: 07753 615032





Enquiries: enquiries@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Chairman: chairman@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Secretary: secretary@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

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