Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society
 Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society   

About us

Founded in the 1940s, the Society has grown and developed into a successful, well-established part of the local community.  We work with residents and local businesses to provide opportunities to share gardening experience, open up some of our beautiful gardens, to hold annual social events where residents from the area can exhibit and compete against each other in a range of classes and to simply celebrate each other’s successes. 


There are currently 12 committee members and we meet usually once every two months or more often on the run up to events. Our AGM is held in November of each year.


Over the coming year, one of our key areas of focus and promotion will be in how gardeners, small or large, can incorporate more sustainable, eco-friendly practices. We will showcase what is going on locally and help raise awareness of how simple but effective, even small changes can benefit our wildlife.


We donate funds to a number of causes, local and beyond. For example, last year we donated monies to the  Ashdown Forest Foundation and to Help Harry Plant Hope fund. We welcome donations and practical help so please contact Frank (Chair) or Steve (Secretary) if you would like to assist in any way you can. 

                                                                     Our nominated charities for 2024


This year we will be making donations to two charities.


Taylor Made Dreams, based in Crowborough, enables children with life limiting illnesses to achieve their dreams. They source and financially support therapeutic services alongside children’s difficult journeys, helping to leave lasting, precious memories for families to cherish when time together is all far too short. Taylor Made Dreams aims are that children with life limiting illnesses will have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and that families get  support from trained professionals.


Childrens Forest charity has a vision for a vibrant and healthy world where trees planted now can one day become ancient forests where all children can flourish. They support children to have empowered and purposeful roles whilst they work towards a healthier World future. Many of the team are trained in Forest School and nature connection practices inspired by indigenous transitions. Many of their current projects are in East Sussex.