About Us

Chairman Kit Eustace


Kit works tirelessly for the show, regularly  making contact with local businesses, who kindly support the show with their advertisements in our schedule and by donating valuable prizes for our grand raffle. He also acts as our master of ceremony on Show Days where his supervision of the Tug of War teams is legendary.

Secretary Lorna Duggleby

Lorna has recently taken on the position of secretary after being on the committee since 2017. With her background  as a head teacher, she has proved to be  a great asset and valuable member of the team. 

The Committee

Anne Kisbee

Deputy Chair

A long serving member of the committee as were her mother and father before her. Anne keeps the team together and will be at the helm for the Autumn show as usual, although this year she will be facing a new challenge!

Beverley Jones

Show Secretary

Beverley, as show secretary, takes charge of all the entries to both shows. In summer, organising the main marquee,sourcing independent judges and overseeing the prize giving. She also co-ordinates the Autumn show - a bigger challenge for her too this year!

Margaret Allday


Margaret has been a member of the Flower Show since her youth. Her mother,  Mary Hale, was a founder member of the Society, and its first secretary.   When her mother retired in 1984, Margaret followed her onto the committee as treasurer and remains so today. 


Other Members of the Team


Bonnie Lamont, Barrie Dickens, Eve James, Janette Everest, Julie Anthony and

Laura Backhouse.


Contact numbers:


Chairman: Kit Eustace: 07702 405844

Secretary: Lorna Duggleby 07950 976698

Show Secretary: Beverley Jones 07887 834851

Website: Eve James 07753 615032


As ever there is a need to increase the size of the team for all the necessary planning to our shows and also the need for supporters on show days. Anyone seeking to become involved in these much loved local events would be most welcome to join - contact us at any time.



Enquiries: enquiries@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Chairman: chairman@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Secretary: secretary@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Media:      media@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Advertising: advertising@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk

Website: website@colemanshatchflowershow.co.uk


             History of Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society

The following is a transcript of the first page of the hand written Minute Book 1945 held in the archives.


                                             General Meeting 29th August 1945 

At the general meeting held on the 29th August 1945 at The Hatch Inn, Coleman's Hatch, the following committee was elected:- 

Chairman:          Mr. Shirley 

Ladies:              Mrs Shirley, Mrs Goldstraw, Mrs Cowhurst, 
 Mrs Mitchell. 

Gentlemen:       Mr Crowhurst, Mr Elliott, Mr Goldstraw, Mr Gardiner. 

Joint Treasurers:

                         Mr Shirley and Mrs Gupwell 
Secretary:          Mrs Hale 

The meeting was held to wind up the V. J. Fete. 
The balance in hand of £11 11s 0d was handed to the treasurer and it was proposed and passed that the fete should become an annual event. It was decided to hold a meeting at a later date to decide on the means of obtaining money for future use.