Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society
 Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society   

                      Colemans Hatch Horticultural Society

              Autumn Show 2023


The Forest Green Cup


Mel Fordham

The Old Well Cottage Cup


Eve James

The Forge Cottage Cup


Eve James

The George Allard Trophy


Lily Arnott and Christine Jackson

The Barbara Waghorn Bowl


Beverley Jones

Olive Markham Cup


Jo Cosens


Coleman’s Hatch Top Tray




Julie Anthony


Coleman’s Hatch Top Vase


Betty Dowling


Best Exhibit

Hazel Gilpin


The Coronation Cup (arts)


Cyril Gambrill


Overall Winner of Photography


Beverley Jones


Overall Winner of Arts & Crafts


Sarah Perceval


Guess the weight of the Pumpkin


Alex Beecher-Brigden