Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society
 Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society   

Open Gardens 2023




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Water flows in gaps and spaces,

Turns and falls

like time

The garden smiles as good folk dress her with their gratitude

Laughter echoes through the twisting trees where birds and rabbits dart

The gentle tracks of roaming deer call magic to the dance

At dusk a breeze unfolds the evening

To the beat of nature’s heart

shadows play

bats zig zag by

beneath the twinkling stars

The burly night owl hoots her prayer

such beauty holds this place

The forest sings her good night song and I am filled with grace



     'In this place', a poem by Jenny Lynne Sessions aka Jen-ix, was kindly passed on to us by Sarah and Oliver in celebrationof the Open Gardens 2023.