Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society
 Coleman's Hatch Horticultural Society   

Minutes of the CHHS AGM 2023 

Thursday November 9th,7.00pm


Oliver Perceval, Emma Richardson, Steve De Vriendt, Anne Kisbee, Julie Anthony, Frank Dean, Denise Holland, Steve Price, Eve James


  1. Apologies 

Apologies had been received from Julie Sear, Sheila van Maurik, Sarah Perceval, Barrie Dickens

  1. Minutes from last AGM

These were approved.

  1. Amendments to the constitution

The amendments to the constitution had been available for inspection and comment prior to the meeting and no comments or questions had been received. Therefore, the Constitution can only be changed by the committee and certain aspects, such as purpose and charity status cannot be changed. A question about the Society’s former name, several years ago, which included the word ‘Sports’ in its title was clarified as no longer being correct. The Society is formally registered as Colemans Hatch Horticultural Society.

  1. Election of officers and new committee members

Frank Dean and Steve Price were re-elected as Chair and Secretary respectively. It was noted that Barrie Dickens had formally resigned as a member of the committee and Frank expressed his gratitude for all he had done over the years. The Society was then delighted to have a new member of the team, Maureen Boyland, proposed and then seconded by everyone present. The remaining members of the committee agreed to continue their roles for the coming year.

  1. Chair’s report

Frank thanked the committee and its many supporters and volunteers for their work over the year. He explained that the Open Gardens event had been a tremendous success and had raised a substantial amount of money. He gave a summary of the Autumn Show’s successes and areas where we will aim to further develop it in 2024. Oliver who was the Show Secretary gave further details of what will be changed for the coming year. The event will be earlier in September, whilst not clashing with the Hartfield event, and there will be better publicity and a drive to reduce printing costs by using a simpler entry form and encouraging the public to use the CHHS website. Suggestions from the floor included improving and encouraging children’s activities, having a dog show as part of the event, and expanding the tombola to include a children’s version.

The issue of the high cost of engraving cups was discussed at length. Comments taken from the floor, many of which came from the Hartfield Society’s Treasurer, helped the committee to decide that annual engraving of each winner will now not take place. Alternative ways of celebrating the winners’ achievements included having a winners’ book or having them published on the website (which already happens) were put forward and the committee will explore these in the coming year.

Steve Price gave a short account of the Society’s meeting and event dates for 2024, website updates and local advertising strategy.

  1. Presentation of Accounts

Denise gave a full and comprehensive report of the accounts. She explained that the Society had made profit on the Open Gardens but that the Autumn Show had not. £415.70 was to be awarded separately to each of the following: Help Harry Plant Hope and The Ashdown Forest. Two issues were discussed at length. These were about to whom and how much we donate monies and then how much we have as savings in the account. Concern that the charities should be local ones were expressed and Frank and Steve clarified what the constitution stated about this. The Society can choose to whom it gives funds but that we would always ensure it met with the agreement of the majority of members. A question also arose about varying the recipient from year to year. The committee agreed to make these their priority in the first meeting in January. 

Ideas for spending some of our money that is currently held included repairing the marquees or buying gazebos. The committee agreed to do an assessment of the state of repair and associated cost early in 2024.

The accounts were agreed and signed-off.

  1. The Year Ahead

Oliver kindly agreed to run the Open Gardens 2024.

The Society will work with the Vintage Fete on May 11th.

We will be happy to work closely with Hartfield’s Society in the coming year and we were very grateful for their very insightful comments and guidance offered during the meeting.

  1. AOB

Eve James was formally presented with a crystal vase which was a token of the Society’s appreciation for sterling work with us.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm


Next Meeting:

Committee Meeting, Wednesday January 17th at 7.30pm, venue is Anne’s home.




Stephen Price, Secretary November 30, 2023